My Car accident caused brain damage through a subdural hematoma and a broken vertebra. The testing and supplements at Blue Dolphin Integrative Healing helped me heal roughly four times faster than most patients. They will forever have my gratitude.

- Josh


Before I began working with Angie from Blue Dolphin Integrative Healing, I had suffered from mental health issues for years. I had been taking prescription medications that had a lot of side effects which led to my self medicating. I kept feeling like I was covering up the problem instead of getting to the root cause. Working with Angie has helped me to quit taking all the prescription meds I was on and I no longer self medicate. I can't believe the difference Nutrition Response Testing, all-natural supplements and a change in diet has made. I am a much happier and healthier person now. I wish I had known about this years ago. Thank you for all you do Angie!

- Jen


My daughter and I began as patients about 1.5 years ago. At that time we were both having chronic issues despite our active, healthy lifestyles. My biggest issue was at 39 years of age I developed adult acne. Having not had acne since college this was very frustrating! I tried so many products and programs I hate to even think about it. I had been to a dermatologist, a naturopathic dermatologist, a hormone specialist and nothing I tried was working to relieve the problem. About 3 years into this battle I found Blue Dolphin Integrative Healing. Within 6 months of clearing different issues my acne cleared up.

My 16 year old daughter was also experiencing acne along with chronic stomach issues, headaches, and sleep issues. Again, she was able to clear up her acne, and no longer has any of these chronic issues. She is sleeping well and has much more of a sunny disposition!

I can’t thank Blue Dolphin enough for introducing us to a whole new world of treatments, listening to our bodies and giving our body what it needs to heal itself!

My daughter and I very rarely get sick and we have clear skin and feel great!

I would recommend anyone with any health issue or just wants to keep their bodies in good working order to give Blue Dolphin a try to heal your body!

- April


I was diagnosed with diverticulitis and rheumatoid arthritis by my primary care doctor and also had a lot of joint stiffness and poor circulation. I became a patient at Blue Dolphin Integrative Healing in March of 2021, hoping for some relief.

With the help of Blue Dolphin Integrative Healing, we found out that I had food and environmental sensitivities. Focusing on changing my diet and taking the correct supplements to detox my liver and support my overall health, I now have the grip back in my hands, have very little inflammation and am not in constant pain anymore. I have lost 30 pounds so far.

- Annette


I became a patient at Blue Dolphin Integrative Healing in March of 2021. I had so much inflammation in my body that I was unable to close my hands, had constant joint pain and muscle tears which stopped me from working out. I was also getting headaches a lot and craving sweets.

After eliminating foods with chemicals and preservatives from my diet and taking all-natural supplements, my inflammation is significantly reduced, I no longer have muscle tears, my joint pain is improved a lot, and I am able to work out again.

 - Brian