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Perfect Amino Power Meal (20 Servings)

Perfect Amino Power Meal (20 Servings)

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The ideal shake with PerfectAmino, MCTs, Green Superfoods and so much more!


PerfectAmino: Has been powering the world’s most competitive performance athletes for over a decade. Protein makes up your body’s entire functional structure: bones, muscles, cells, and enzymes. And without the building blocks of protein, your health, your performance, your quality of life suffers. With a utilization rate of over 99%, this is the best possible source for all your body’s needs.

MCT Oil: Your body metabolizes medium-chain triglycerides into ketones, which are the most efficient energy source for your body and brain. A few grams of MCTs are like rocket fuel for your whole system and keep you energized, focused, and full. Our high-quality MCT oil consists of only caprylic (C8) and capric acids (C10), the two most effective MCTs there are.

Carb10: Carbohydrates are the fastest source of biofuel for our bodies and are essential for maintaining your energy throughout the day. Unfortunately, most carbs spike your blood sugar and insulin, crashing your energy levels and promoting fat accumulation. Carb10, which is derived from peas, is the latest innovation in nutrition. Its unique structure allows for easy absorption and quick energy without raising insulin or blood sugar levels—all the energy and benefits without any of the downsides.

Vitamins and Minerals: Dr. Minkoff formulated this unique blend with 22 essential vitamins and minerals necessary to keep your system running smoothly. This blend includes a full complement of essential B-vitamins, selenium, and magnesium, just to name a few. And because PerfectAmino Power Meal includes MCT oil, fat-soluble vitamins like A and K are actually absorbed and used by your body, unlike most multivitamins.

Superfood Blend: 11 different superfoods full of antioxidants and phytonutrients give you the nutrition you need for optimal health and peak performance. PerfectAmino Power Meal includes moringa powder and wheatgrass juice, two of the most nutrient-dense plants in the world, along with cacao, green tea powder, spirulina, and saw palmetto. This blend supports all of your biological processes from energy and mental focus to hormonal balance and stress management.*

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